bmp ATTORNEYS AT LAW was established by Michael Brandauer, LL.M. and Richard Bickel in 2004. From its founding bmp ATTORNEYS AT LAW developed a philosophy which differs from other law offices. Our goal is to work side-by-side with our national as well as international clients and thereby achieve the most effective legal representation of their interests. As a result, our firm is not simply litigation-oriented and we see litigation often as the last resort for resolving disputes. This leads us to seek a close and longterm relationship with our clients which is the basis of our ongoing work. Our services vary from corporation law advice, consulting employers and companies in legal affairs on a daily basis, drawing up contracts as well as complex conceptions of financing to legal representation in civil or criminal proceedings before all courts of Austria.

Specialisation and concentration on certain fields of law furthers our ability to give sound advice in an increasingly complex legal environment. Our collaboration with other lawyers and professionals, both here and internationally, allow us to provide comprehensive service to our clients that goes beyond merely providing legal advice. Bmp ATTORNEYS AT LAW are members of the „Austrian Legal Network" (ALN - a cooperation of independent Austrian law offices all over Austria) as well as members of AWERIAN, a free cooperation of independent law offices in Europe.

We participate not only in the economic life of the Vorarlberg and Liechtenstein region, but also in the increasingly interdependent European economy.